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February 11, 2018

Dress designer

At Olivelli we love brides. Everything about brides. We exist for brides. Mostly, we love dressing brides. From helping them select a dream dress to playing with veils, jewellery and shoes until the wedding day outfit is a dream in the making. Make an appointment now. Let’s spoil you and faff around you and bring you dresses and beautiful things to try on. Feel the excitement. Bring your support team. Let’s do this together, beautiful bride-to-be!

Bridal Gowns

Making you look and feel gorgeous on your wedding day is our main objective at Olivelli.https://www.pinterest.com/powerpoint_templates/it-powerpoint-templates/ From whimsical to elegant and modern to classic, browse through our range of wedding dresses and find the one that fits in perfectly with your wedding theme.

Whether it’s something essential you need for your wedding or a small finishing touch, Olivelli offers a range of accessories. From veils to shoes and garters to choose, we have what you need to cure your wedding dress blues!

Olivelli bridesmaids are effortlessly glamorous as they stand by your side throughout your wedding day… sisters for life! Dress them beautifully at Olivelli!

Combine a huge array of colours with modern, trendy creations and you have evening wear aimed at taking everyone’s breath away. Not only do these dresses live up to their style reputation, but high quality fabrics and innovative designs promise to make you stand out at any occasion!

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We loved having you as our beautiful bride and would be very proud to share your best day ever! Please tell us your story and send us your stunning pictures!